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Vidal Watermelon Wedges(26.4lb)

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Vidal Watermelon Wedges(26.4lb)
Watermelon Wedges by the case rival the biggest, ripest watermelon your customer could pick from a field. At 13kg, that's a lot of watermelon. Individual wedges accurately resemble the green peel, the white rind and the red flesh of a real watermelon. With a covering of sanding sugar instead of seeds, these Watermelon Wedges improve on what Nature already made. Enjoy fresh watermelon flavor year round and in the far north with these seedless gummi Watermelon Wedges.

Contents:26.4lbs, in six bags of 4.4lbs each.

Availability:Watermelon Slices usually ship in one or two business days.


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