Word Bracelets 2"Capsules

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Word Bracelets in 1" Toy Capsules - 250ct
Each capsule presents the wearer with a complete alphabet and a bracelet to display the words of choice. Customers won't be able to resist the opportunity to say one or more things. Word Bracelets even make great gifts, so be prepared for repeat customers. Provide these inexpensive, stylish Word Bracelets for the world around you today!

FREE with your purchase: We'll include the display card to go inside your toy vending machine's globe to display these toys and increase sales!

Fill your toy capsule vending machine with these capsule toys kids love! Toy capsules and vending machine toys are the most popular items sold through bulk vending machines today. A capsule toy puts a smile on any kid's face, and puts money in your machine!


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