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Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles(2.2lb)

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Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles(2.2lb)
jelly Filled Gummi Turtles invite playful interaction with food as well as pondering of what a turtle really must be like. For customers who may have never encountered a real turtle, these Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles show a turtle in a realistic pose, with a gummi body and a filling of Jelly. The brilliant colors of which they are made don't correspond well to turtle colors in the wild. However, the sumptuous, fruity flavor overcomes most of these differences and Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles may become a new favorite. Turtles often move slowly, Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles move fast, meaning more profits for the person offering them for sale.


Availability: Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles usually ship in one or two business days.


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