Large Machine Lock & Key Set

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Triple Vend and Toy Capsule Machine Lock and Key Set
This lock and key set is used in several brands of toy capsule machines and triple vend machines. They are identifiable by the removable lock core and flat blade key that they use.

When it comes to identifying the type of lock and key that your machine uses, it is best to look at the size and shape of the lock and how it engages with your gumball machine. These locks have an outer housing that engages with the housing of your gumball machine with 2 flat sides and is threaded with a nut that can secure the housing into the lid or door of your vending machine. The removable lock core has 5 pins or discs protruding from it that when the proper key is inserted are retracted back into the center body of the core allowing the lock to turn.

Once you have identified the type of lock that your machine needs, you need to identify the key code. The key code is a number stamped into the metal of the key.

This lock and key set is only available as a set. If you have an existing toy capsule or triple vend machine and do not know your key code, you will need to drill out your existing lock and replace it with the new one (detailed instructions on drilling out a lock can be found on our blog).

There are NO REFUNDS on replacements parts.

Availability: These lock and key sets usually ship within 2 business days via UPS.


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