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Triple Vend Candy Machine Parts

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Parts for the Triple Vend Candy Machine with Removable Canisters
This Triple Vend candy or gumball machine has all of the features that customers have been asking us for. This machine features removable candy canisters for convenience when swapping out candy types. You can order extra candy canisters on this page. The removable canisters can also be locked into place separating the product and the money if you need to have a friend refill your machine for you. This machine comes configured out of the box with 2 candy dispensing canisters and one gumball dispensing canister, but you can change that with the parts listed here. In addition, the coin mechanisms are adjustable with the coin wheels offered here, or you can purchase a whole new coin mechanism. 

Please note: There are NO REFUNDS on replacements parts.

Availability: Parts usually ship out of our warehouse in 2-3 business days after you place your order.


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