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Candy Blox(9.75lb)

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Candy Blox(9.75lb)
For small building projects, a youthful candy engineer does not always need a full case. That's where these Candy Blox come in handy, because they contain only just under a pound of the famed Candy Blox also sold in bulk cases. With these Candy Blox on hand, parents can accommodate an eager youngster's request for Candy Blox, without having an overwhelming case quantity to pay for or to store, or to eat. Candy Blox come in blocks of 2, 4, 6 and 8 holes and flavors include banana, cherry, grape, lime, pineapple and raspberry. These 13 oz packages also make a great party favor for minds eager to construct something!

Contents:9.75lb, in twelve bags of 13oz each.

Availability:Candy Blox usually ships in one or two business days.


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