How to Assemble a Gumball Machine Stand?

Instructions on How to Assemble A Stand

Most gumball machine stands have three parts: the large circular base, the pipe and a small round flange (a circular piece that sits between the double bracket and the pipe). Double and triple machine setups will also include a double bracket or triple bracket (the piece that sits on top of the stand and will hold the machines). If you are attaching just one machine to a stand, there is no bracket, the machine attaches directly to the flange. If your stand pipe is threaded on each end, it should screw directly into both the base and the flange.

  • First, screw the threaded pipe into the base. It should not matter which end, but one end might fit better than the other so play with it and see what works best.
  • Once the pipe is screwed into the base, you can then attach the flange onto the other end of the threaded pipe simply by screwing the hole in the middle of the flange onto the other threaded end of the pipe.

Watch this video on how to assemble a treaded pipe stand:

If you have a non-threaded stand, you will most likely need to bolt the base and flanges to the stand.

Watch this video no how to assemble a gumball or candy machine stand:

If you have a double or triple bracket, you will need to attach the bracket to the flange, lining up the holes in the center of the bracket, using the bolts provided. Most double brackets attach to the flange using two bolts that go through the top of the bracket into threaded holes on the flange. Then you attach your gumball machines to the bracket instead of the flange per the instructions above.

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